Artist Development Program

Are you starting your career out as a solo artist? Just getting your band off the ground? Have a child who shows tremendous talent? Let us become a part of your musical career by giving you the proper tools to succeed!

Our artist development program is a service for artists to take the next important step. In today’s world, the music industry is interested in a polished project, no longer waiting to develop talent as it was in the old days. This is precisely where we can help. We offer our Artist Development Program to anyone wanting to improve their skills and public image and help build a professional and polished music portfolio so that your hard work doesn’t go unheard within the music industry.

We treat your music as the center of the story and build a comprehensive package around it using the following:


The Process

Step 1: Reach Out

Are you a talented artist/musician?

Send us your samples here

Step 2: The Review

After we review your work, we can set up a meeting/phone conference.

Step 3: The Consultation

We figure out what your artistic vision is, what you want, and if we can work together.

Step 4: The Agenda

Our team builds on a 8-12 week agenda.

Step 5: It’s a Deal

We sign.

Step 6: Welcome Aboard

We get started.

All Artist Development work is done by Finally Free Studios. We are currently accepting applications and reviewing music samples from artists who are interested in polishing their music portfolio and getting ready for the professional and competitive world of music. Therefore, please state clearly whether you are applying for the label or the studio when sending up music samples, applications or letters.

Call us or have us call you

To get your project underway, simply contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.