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In a growing digital world, it remains important for businesses to not only develop and maintain an online presence, but also find ways to expand on it so that they can continue to accelerate the success and outreach potential of their brand. Methods like app development can be one such successful means of doing so. However, such digital developments can be not only time-consuming, but incredibly difficult to create properly without the necessary skill set.

That’s where Finally Free Productions comes in. Our services include, but are not limited to: app development, IP protection, and prototyping. We work with our clients to understand what their project goals are and how we can best use our experience and expertise to fulfill that. We always put the satisfaction of the clients at the forefront of our work, and it brings us great happiness to hear back from them through the Clutch platform.

Clutch is a B2B site that uses reviews from former clients to rank and evaluate solutions providers from different service industries. With the aid of these reviews, companies can have a more transparent approach when seeking a project partner. 

One of the reviews on our Clutch profile comes from the Gamer Loot app, an Esports skills challenge platform. We helped them with various aspects of the platform development, from prototyping to working on the backend section of the app itself. Our efficient and effective collaboration has made the process much more affordable for the client, while also helping them streamline their ideation process to reality.

First off their humbleness, they are an award winning app development team and yet they did not overly brag about this accomplishment. Second they were down to earth and incredibly relatable. Thirdly they offered an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge about developing applications in the gaming world.” -Co-Founder, Gamer Loot App



Clutch also hosts another sister site, known as The Manifest. The Manifest allows companies to learn about business industries in their region of interest, and find the best matches for an upcoming project from expert and data based advice. 

When technology gets involved, uncertainty surely arises among businesses as there becomes a growing need for expertise and skill regarding that specific field. With our help, our clients are promised a satisfactory process that uses our experience, but their visions, to complete the project they wish to see become a reality. If you would be interested in learning more or working with us in the future, please feel free to reach out and contact us