Four Considerations For UX/UI

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Four Considerations For UX/UI

Aren’t these just buzzwords in today’s tech industry? Well, not really. They’re actually very integral to the way that you develop a mobile app, and they generally deserve a place in your plan. It’s not just empty hype.

If you’re creating mobile apps, you have to think about what makes sense from the user perspective. That’s kind of square one, and the use of the terms UX and UI are a reflection of that, in many ways. So next time you hear someone going on about user behaviors and the customer journey, just know that they are talking about real things.

Here are some quick tips for thinking about UX/UI in a new way.

Choose a Platform

Apple and android are two different environments. If you’re going to be developing for mobile, think about whether you want to pursue one or the other, or both. That’s going to have an impact on the UX that you build. One is usually coded in Java, the other is often Objective C. One has a freer app store model, the other is more rigidly curated. And really, both have their own UX “ethos” that’s good for you to keep in mind.

Intuitive Controls

The bottom line is that new users and even experienced ones need to be able to find the controls for the navigation that they want to do in your app.

There’s a lot of this built into the traditional web browser design, but in an app, it’s more of a free-floating idea that you have to pin down. It’s more on the producer and developers to come up with systems that work. Intuitive controls mean you have the right icons and labeling to get people where they need to go!

Keep it Simple

As in many things in life, there is the overarching need to keep things simple when it comes to UX.

Too many nested controls and complicated jumbled screens confuse people, but that’s even more important with the small screen area that you have with a mobile device.

Finding creative ways to fit everything into a small footprint is one major achievement in programming and design.

Active User Concerns

If you have a beta phase or user feedback, that’s helpful as well. Think about showing your app in development to an audience to look at potential feedback for designing it the right way.

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