Today, online commerce strategies must have mobile app platforms at their core. In the past year, mobile has dominated online shopping in almost every aspect across all markets. The reason behind the dominance of the mobile platform in commerce is its practicality for mobile-oriented shoppers. 

When developing or redesigning your online commerce systems, user experience is a critical component to success. Thus, understanding your customer and how they engage with your mobile app is vital to your brand and business. To help you get the most out of your mobile app, center your customer engagement strategy around four key stages:

  1. Attraction
  2. Engagement
  3. Monetization
  4. Retention

Attract Customers To Your Mobile App

Once you have a mobile app in place, you’ll need to drive customers to it. Several digital marketing tools can be utilized to attract customers to your mobile app. You can offer app-exclusive offers, promote the app on your website, run social media ads especially for the mobile app, and use customer loyalty apps that earn customers points for app-related actions. 

Pro-Tip: Encouraging existing customers to use your mobile app and attracting new customers to the platform is an ongoing and evolving process.

Improving Customer Engagement With Your Mobile App

If increasing the number of users for your mobile app is your goal, improving the customer’s experience with your app is vital. Keep the mobile app design fresh and appealing to new and existing customers by updating your offerings frequently. App-exclusive incentives like free delivery and discounts entice customers to use your app while optimizing its loading and check-out time will keep them engaged for the entire transaction. 

Pro-Tip: When possible, enable users to log into your mobile app and customize their experience. 

Create Alternate Revenue Streams By Monetizing Your Mobile App

Monetizing your mobile app increases your ability to make sales. Customer behavior patterns indicate that more sales are made when consumers are afforded multiple platforms to make purchases immediately. Create positive revenue streams by promoting discount codes on your app, offering in-app chat features, and selling app-exclusive products or services. 

Pro-Tip: Consider adding a solid push notification marketing strategy to stay in communication with customers. 

Customer Retention Is Vital To Your Mobile App’s Success

Customer retention is the primary goal for your app’s marketing strategy. Incorporate features such as push notifications, a straightforward mobile shopping interface, and in-app messaging on your mobile app to increase your customer retention rate. Reach your customer base with back-in-stock reports for items they may like, and ensure your customer loyalty programs are integrated with your mobile app. 

Pro-Tip: Data is crucial to your mobile app strategy, track and measure all of your mobile app’s data so you can act and react accordingly.