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So you have a mobile app idea that’s great for your business, and you just want a ballpark estimate. Is it going to be more like $10,000? Is it going to be more like $30,000? Maybe with extensive scope, it’ll creep toward six figures…?!

Here’s the thing – without understanding a lot more about the project and specifications, it’s almost impossible to say what kind of a price tag you’ll be looking at. Instead, address these issues first, and then you’ll start narrowing down the functionality and build that you’ll need, and you’ll start seeing a more concrete idea of a price tag for the project.

Interface and Data Handling

The simplest and cheapest apps are mostly composed of passive content. You can have a flashy landing page and some menu options that take the user somewhere else where they can read about something. None of that is extremely cost intensive because it’s a lot like passive web design – pages with text and content.

Where it gets pricey is where you start interacting with users in even a simple way. That requires some specific data transfer from end users to the client side, and server operations that you probably don’t have the infrastructure to do on your own.

In fact, part of that equation is your server cost. In many cases, we help to keep these costs lower, so it’s a good idea to consult with us about the build of your application and how you can keep costs down as you go.

Operating Systems

You want to figure out if you want your app on Apple or Android stores, or both. Then you have successive iOS and Android operating systems where upgrades might require changes to your mobile application.

So that’s another unknown when it comes to providing a price tag right up front. Again, it has to do with the app’s integration and work with an operating system, as well as all of those data points and operations mentioned above.

Hosting and Maintenance

As data flows in and out of an application, some maintenance is going to be necessary. You might need a security license of some sort, or tracking infrastructures with its own cost involved.

Then there are certain regulatory standards to meet, too. The digital space can be complex, and clients need to have some good guidance on how to navigate the industry as they try to put a project together.

At Finally Free Productions, we pride ourselves on being that go-to vendor with transparent advice for businesses that want to leverage a new mobile application. Yes, you absolutely can build one of these projects as a small business. You just need the right fit, and a solid game plan to start developing and refining your project and yes, figuring out a final price for an application build!