The Value Of Low-Code Mobile App Development

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Here at Finally Free Productions, we assist our clients in building and deploying the best mobile apps for their enterprise needs. Reaching audiences, delivering functionality and optimizing UX – these are some of the pinnacles of how we achieve and help our clients achieve what they need to do in this business.


With that in mind, there’s the value of our engineering platform, which we would characterize as a “low-code” system.


What does that mean?


History of Low-Code and No-Code Systems


Low-code and no-code systems evolved to meet the needs of an engineering world that needed speed, convenience and accessibility.


In the old days, a lot of programming was done manually from scratch. People called this ‘hard coding.’


In the end, though, people saw the utility of creating overlay programs that would abstract the process of coding, and make it a lot quicker and easier. In low-code systems, there are a lot of tools for automating some of that hard coding that goes on in building applications. In no-code platforms, there’s often a lot of drag-and-drop visual elements that will create the underlying code all by themselves.


We feel that our system hits that good middle ground between eliminating hard coding and keeping that granular development process in place.


Quick Time-to-Market


All of this helps with something that’s very essential in this industry – speed.


Lowering time-to-market helps the customer to do more for their audience with mobile apps that are turned out when they’re needed, not months later. Quick-build and quick-deploy capabilities are worth their weight in gold for our clients. We provide – we deliver. 


Optimizing User Experience


There’s also the key task of visualizing how the user will move through an application, and optimizing that process for whoever will be accessing the mobile application.


In terms of professional development, it’s also important to have well-targeted mobile applications that have all the functionality that your audience needs, laid out in ways that they can easily access. Every company’s need is different, and that’s why having a specialized crew on hand is uniquely valuable in developing those customer-facing apps that will drive business to you.

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