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Diana Clark Photography

Diana Clark PhotographyDiana Clark Photography is an NFT project offering unique photos taken by a renowned Texas-based photographer. The artist, Diana Clark, strives to bring vulnerable and thought-provoking photography to the digital market by allowing holders to own a piece of one of her finest collections. Website NFT Diana Clark PhotographyDiana Clark Photography is an …

Shiba Racing Team

Shiba Racing TeamShiba Racing Team is an NFT project that plans to provide a unique gaming experience to the blockchain gaming community. Primarily targeting F1 car enthusiasts and gamers, Shiba Racing Team is creating a play-to-earn racing game where users can earn real cryptocurrency for winning races. Users will be able to use the NFT …


QuestorQuestor is a one-of-a-kind MVP designed to provide a space for gamers to play live online games with their favorite streamers. After streamers enter their availability, questors (gamers) have the opportunity to enter a lottery to win a time slot of their choosing, benefitting both the gamer and the streamer. Web App Gaming Be wELLIEQuestor …

Raves & Rants

Raves & RantsRaves & Rants is a web and mobile based platform that allows consumers, businesses, and retail employees to connect on the basis of improving the customer experience. Targeting small businesses with its initial MVP launch, Raves & Rants brings unique IP to the review and survey space. Raves & Rants aims to improve …


SRTEXSRTEX, standing for Sports Related Technology for Educational Experiences, is a web platform made for athletes and coaches. This all-in-one platform allows the whole team to be on the same page when it comes to roster, stats, scheduling, and even game strategy. Users can communicate with coaches and teammates, study up on plays, schedule events …

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