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Case studies
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Raves & Rants
This app was designed to serve multiple companies to simplify the feedback collection process across the entire customer service industry.
It allows users/customers to give feedback about the company and rate the employee who helps them. All feedback collected will be a basis for the company’s overall assessments.
First class help
This app is designed for the company First Class Help. It aids users in improving their financial literacy. By providing tools and resources, the app hopes to empower people to make better financial decisions. Its purpose is to share with others that money is a tool and a ticket to opportunity, and to teach users to be mindful when it comes to spending, investing, and saving money.
Hoopplex is an app available on iOS. This app was designed and developed to expose young adults to basketball fashion and give them new opportunities that will enable them to express themselves more when it comes to styles and streetwear cultures. This app also gives businesses the opportunity to flaunt their brands of basketball fashion or even non-basketball fashion by sharing photos where users can interact with them.
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