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More Than Just Programming

What does it take to get an excellent mobile app made?


It’s a good question, and deserves kind of a long answer.


Some people tend to think of these technology projects in terms of raw code. For instance, you might hear somebody who’s not very technical say – “I want to make a mobile app, but I just need a programmer, somebody who understands Python or C or whatever.”


What they’re missing is that programming isn’t by any means the only thing that goes into mobile design services. Here’s a little more about how that works, based on our experience creating effective apps for customers.


The Graphical User Interface


Essentially, when you’re making a mobile app, you have to build the environment first before you even think about coding various tools that are going to allow users to do X Y or Z.


For instance, if you’re building an app to check the weather, you obviously want to code in the display of whatever meteorological data you’re using – temperatures and humidity points etc. But one of the bigger questions is how this data will be presented, and where it will be on the app, and what it will look like. You get the picture…


To that end, we include a UI/UX designer in our team of five professionals who will be working relentlessly on your mobile app to make it everything that it can be. You’ll also have two software engineers and two other point people, as you can see from the FAQ.


Design and Layout


In these types of projects, there’s site navigation, but there’s also layout.


Some of these elements kind of overlap each other, where for instance, you want to have an idea of branding and style when you’re doing the layout for the app. How much branding will you do? Will there be a lot of extraneous items in the margin, or will this be a fairly spare application with just the controls?


Figuring Out Functionality


There’s this to think about, too – functionality doesn’t take place in a vacuum. Along with delivering those code modules that get the right data into the app, you have to ask yourself why the user is going there in the first place. That can involve thinking about narrative content for context, or social interactions with other users, or whatever is going to embellish your application in ways that make it appealing to users, because at the end of the day, you need users to make it work. Without that, your app just sits there like an abandoned house!


Let Finally Free Productions help you to win at mobile app design.