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A Better Way to Go Mobile

At Finally Free Productions, we are in the business of helping companies by consulting them on big new projects. For instance, when it’s time to create the company’s first mobile app, questions abound. Yes, we want to create a mobile application – but where do you start? And where do you go from there? What works best?


We are here as crucial consultants for these types of projects. Rather than treating every project as a generic application of digital operating system environments, we take the time to explore what you need, and help your company to build a roadmap for success. That’s not always an especially tall order, but there are quite a few moving parts and things to consider as you go along toward the goal.


iOS, Android, and Platform Considerations


One of the big questions is whether the new mobile app will work on iOS, Android or both. But that’s not where the platform questions end. That’s just where they start.


Within each of these two dominant operating system models, there are any number of questions related to functionality and interoperability of design. Companies utilize APIs to connect moving parts of mobile applications. They may want to fold in certain payment systems. The environment that they’re in makes a difference – but in a few key ways, it’s just a starting point for more detailed project work.


Content and Narrative


Here’s another point where we go further than other companies in consulting with our clients.


Functionality is the backbone of a mobile app, but function without form can be a very detrimental way to build.


Along with what payment gateway you’re going to use, or how you’re going to do push notifications, business leaders should be thinking very carefully about the content that will be on the app, the writing that will guide the user, and the narrative that it projects. This is more than just branding, too – it’s about building relativity and user experience into the app. Companies disregard these ideas at their own peril, because they may build a perfectly functioning app that hardly anyone will use.


Securing Your Intellectual Property


This one is also worth talking about, because it’s not always baked into a consulting relationship.


We always start by looking at your intellectual property and considering whether an NDA will make protection ironclad. We don’t rush in to expose a project to IP issues. We know that building on solid ground is important, and that trade asset protection is a significant part of that.


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