Have an NFT project or collection idea?

We’ve been exploring blockchain opportunities for years to now discover ourselves among the early contributors to non-fungible token (NFT) development. NFTs have burst onto the global scene, with the potential to revolutionize entire industries. We’re here for you if you want to jump into this scene and explore blockchain opportunities as well!

Thinking of creating a collection?

Why are NFTs so big right now?

NFTs are unique and non interchangeable units of data (various forms of art) stored on a digital ledger. The NFTs domain redefines the way we create and share funds and property. Basically, this favors any contributor who tokenizes signature assets with an access to the prestigious and rich DeFi market.

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Whatever sort of collectibles you wish to build for digital representation, we have your back to create it totally from scratch or pick your project up at any stage. Your non fungible tokens will be exclusively tailored to your purpose, and we are here to help you with their listing and continuous tech support.

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Our NFT Development Process in Detail

Throughout years of practice, we’ve built a transparent process of engineering. We are open about our approach so as to allow clients to have complete control of the processes within their projects.

Project Discovery

1. Gathering and evaluation of requirements

2. Ideation, R&D & business case study analysis

3. Roadmapping of product development

Design Phase

1. Outline of NFT designs

Development & QA

1. Smart Contract development, testnet deployment.

2. Back-end and front-end engineering.

3. Website design and development.

4. Manual and automated testing: functional, integration & UI.

5. Testing entire system on testnet.

Content Creation

1. Prepare content for all social platforms

2. Ideation for lore, storyline of the project

3. Newsletter preparation

4. Press Release

Final Development Phase

1. Test and deploy to Mainnet

2. Prepare for launch (pre-sale)

3. Launch public sale

Marketing & Growth

Follow all necessary steps throughout the design and development process to ensure a smooth launch with an engaged community leading towards selling out of the project


Without the hefty price tag.

Any software or app development company can build a generic website or mobile app, but we think you deserve a lot more. That’s why we ask the right questions, develop the right plan for your project and guide you through the fundamentals of the entire software and mobile application development process for optimal return on investment.

Client Testimonials


July 2020

Finally Free Productions transformed our vision into a working solution. They collaborated seamlessly with the internal team. The team maintained great communication, the consistency allayed any and all concerns. Their accessibility, patience, and organization were all stellar. Team FFP helped ease any fears that I had in terms of investing capital into a project that I had no experience in,


July 2020

Finally Free Productions brought crucial insights into the design process, which has saved both time and money. Down-to-Earth and professional, the team organizes most conversations, responding well to any client inquiries. They offered an incredible amount of expertise and knowledge about developing applications in the gaming world.


July 2020

While the app is yet to launch, Finally Free Productions has guided the client through the development process in an engaging and patient way. While managing a remote workflow in an extremely effective way, they also demonstrated their genuine concern for the client’s success. Despite the pandemic, distance, and time constraints, they kept us top priority, and it really shows.

Kevin C.

May 2019

Working with Team FFP was excellent. Team FFP took my amateur design and description notes and created a working prototype that I was thoroughly impressed with. The team at FFP did an awesome job designing and developing a working prototype that replicated my vision for the Hoopplex App.