A well-designed website allows you to expand the online reach your business has. If you want to attract attention from consumers around the world, then you can’t underestimate how powerful a professional-looking website is. When people visit your website for the first time, they will be looking for a few key indicators that it is trustworthy and legitimate. 

Studies show that consumers can develop a first impression of a website in as little as 50 milliseconds. Several web design flaws can cause visitors to your domain to develop a bad impression. Here are some common web design flaws that can drive modern consumers away and why fixing these problems is so important.

Slow Loading Pages Can Create Big Problems

When visiting your website for the first time, a consumer will notice how fast it loads. Many experts maintain that an acceptable website load time is between two to four seconds. Studies have shown that each additional second added to this website load time reduces conversion rates by nearly 5 percent. As soon as these loading problems are brought to your attention, your main objective should be to fix them quickly. 

Problems that can cause your website to slow down are:

Figuring out what is causing these slow load times will be much easier with the help of web development professionals like Finally Free Productions.

The Absence of an SSL Certificate

 The lack of website security is not only a red flag for modern consumers, it can also affect your ability to land on the first page of Google. If consumers hand over sensitive information on your website, you need to ensure it is protected. The best way to accomplish this goal is by investing in a standard sockets layer (SSL) certificate. One of the first things a Google bot will check for when crawling a website is an SSL certificate. 

The presence of this certificate shows search engines and consumers that your website is secure. An SSL certificate authenticates that an encrypted connection is present on your website. This encrypted connection will protect all of the information transferred digitally from consumers to your servers. 

The Use of Pop-Up Ads

Winning over the people that visit your website and turning them into customers is not easy. Some business owners make the mistake of using intrusive techniques to inform consumers about their products/services. Pop-up ads can come off as disruptive to website visitors. Many people have pop-up ad blockers installed in their browsers. 

This means you need to avoid even creating these ads for your website. If you have something you want to relay to website visitors, then using a call-to-action in your content is a wise move. With a well-written call-to-action, you can gently move website visitors to the next stage of your marketing funnel. 

Are you dealing with one or more of the web design flaws covered here? If so, you need to let Finally Free Productions help you address them.