Signs You Need To Replace Your Existing eCommerce Website

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Starting an eCommerce business is a great way to own a business without tons of overhead. Being successful in the world of eCommerce is more challenging than most entrepreneurs realize. There are millions of websites where people can go and buy the items they want at a competitive price. If you want to edge out your competition, you will have to invest time and money into optimizing your website. 

In 2020, there was a 44% increase in online spending. Modern consumers want to spend their money on websites that are easy to use and appealing. If you are wondering whether or not your existing eCommerce website is providing users with a great experience, it is time to perform an audit. During this audit, keep an eye peeled for the following signs that indicate a new eCommerce website is needed. 

Complaints About a Lack of Website Responsiveness

A website is one of the most important digital assets an eCommerce business owner has. When trying to figure out how to optimize an eCommerce website, you need to listen to your audience. If you keep receiving complaints from consumers regarding the lack of mobile accessibility your website provides, you need to do something to fix this problem. In some cases, investing in a completely new website that is responsive is your best course of action. 

If the eCommerce website in question has a bevy of other issues, then you don’t need to ignore them. While having a new website built is time-consuming and sometimes expensive, it is well worth the investment. A new website designed with mobile users in mind will help you engage with people who use their devices to find and buy products online. 

Your Existing Website is Extremely Slow

Making a great first impression on visitors to your eCommerce website is crucial when trying to earn repeat business. One of the biggest pet peeves modern consumers have is dealing with slow websites. If a person has to spend over a few seconds waiting for pages on a website to load, they will probably get frustrated and leave. Instead of allowing potential customers to exit your eCommerce website before they’ve had a chance to browse your selection of products, you need to take action. 

In some cases, a slow website can be caused by coding issues. It is difficult to fix these issues, which is why having an entirely new website constructed is a good idea. At Finally Free Productions, we build websites with highly maintainable code. This means you should have no problem keeping your eCommerce website fast and reliable for years to come. 

Difficult Site Navigation Can Cost You Money

Is your existing eCommerce website hard to navigate? If you answered yes, you need to realize how big of a problem this is. If a person is unable to find what they need on your website, they will leave and give business to your competitor. This is why investing in a new site that is both easy to navigate and reliable is vital. 

If you are ready to replace your existing website, Finally Free Productions can help you out.