Top Strategies to Avoid Losing Website Visitors

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Maintaining a professional online presence is one of the most important goals for many businesses. Your website can either attract or cause you to lose valuable website visitors. 

According to statistics, almost ninety percent of online businesses fail within four months of their initial operation. You may notice a significant decrease in your website traffic and wonder how  you can retain your traffic. Your website could have critical issues that you’re not aware of. Let’s explore the top strategies that you can apply to avoid losing website visitors.

Excessive Clutter and Poor Design

A cluttered website or a poor design will keep online visitors away. A bad website design could have an unprofessional color scheme, too many low-quality images, difficult navigation,  inconsistent typefaces, and other problems. These are critical issues that give website visitors a bad experience and will prevent them from returning to your website. 

An aesthetically appealing website makes it easier for you to attract online website visitors and helps to boost the credibility of your business.


Your website should be mobile-friendly to retain your website visitors or customers. It is known that more than fifty percent of website traffic is derived from mobile devices. You could be losing substantial traffic if your website does not have a mobile-friendly design. A mobile-friendly website design may cause an increase in traffic from mobile users and they might also stay on your website for longer periods.

Slow Website Loading

If you’re running an online business, your website should load within three seconds or less. Statistics show that forty percent of customers have the incline to wait for at least five seconds before abandoning a website. 

A slow-loading website or webpage can lead to a high level of traffic loss. Certain variables can affect the speed of your website. Some of these include excessive use of ads, javascript issues, un-optimized images, poor server performance, code density, too many file requests, and installed plugins. Improving the speed of your website can have a great impact on your website performance and may prevent you from losing prospects or repeat customers. 

Implement Effective Techniques for Your Website

Paying close attention to these tips may help to lead you to online success. You can rely on a professional team to provide you with the most innovative website development services that align with your project goals. 

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